Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Effect Of Acidic Coffee | What You Need Is Liven Alkaline Coffee

In life, it's not about being good, it's about being GREAT. Regular coffee intake has been shown to increase stomach acidity (hyperacidity), which will eventually cause acid reflux, ulcers, heart problems, cancer and other diseases. Alkaline Foods neutralize the acids in the body and it promotes faster abosorption of food nutrients. Now you can enjoy the taste of premiums blend coffee and the goodness of alkaline food with Liven - The World's First Alkaline Coffee! Liven Alkaline Coffee is made of premium arabica coffee beans, fortified with Complete phyto-energizer and made even healthier with Phyto-Alkaline Powder. Liven is everything you need in a cup of coffee, So why settle for less? Have a cup of Liven. Here's to a life well-lived.

Friday, 11 November 2016

The Simple 26 LIFE PRINCIPLES You Must Know Today

*�The Simple 26 LIFE PRINCIPLES You Must Know Today*

*A* - *ACCEPT*
Accept others for who they are and for the choices they have made even if you have difficulty understanding their beliefs, motives or actions.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Simple Ten words your consumers want to hear

Simple ten words customers love to listen to when making a choice:

1. Free

For those who feel "free" is sleazy and overused, feel once more. People love free, undeniable and easy. You may give practically whatever away at no cost, no topic how small, and you can clutch people's concentration because all people loves free stuff.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

New & Improved! MyChoco Alkaline Chocolate Drink | Savor Nature's Goodness!

New & Improved! MyChoco Alkaline Chocolate Drink | •THE WORLD'S 1st ALKALINE CHOCOLATE DRINK Fortified With DHA AND 16,000 PHYTO-NUTRIENTS FROM COMPLETE Phyto-Energizer

In France in the eighteenth century, when chocolate-drinking had become virtually a court ritual, the great ladies of the court each had her own special chocolate recipe which, in many respects, was regarded as a magic formula. Chocolate in those days was thought of not only as a marvelous drink for its own rich sake but as a potion filled with all the rare qualities that had endeared it to the Aztec kings. The flavorings and spices that went into it - sometimes along with secret powders - were supposed to add not only to its flavor but to its effectiveness as well.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

See the marvelous benefits of taking watermelon everyday!!!

If there is such thing as a classic fruit, it has to be the vibrant watermelon. Watermelon is a super hydrating fruit we are not surprised though since the fruit is made up of 90% water.

But watermelon does not simply leave you hydrated; there are other a couple of advantages to drinking the crimson juice. Those advantages include:

Monday, 7 November 2016

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Quick Eight methods to make money and 15 approaches to remain Broke

Eight methods to make money and 15 approaches to remain Broke

It is practically TWICE as tough to stay BROKE as it is to generate profits. See?
This is the Eight ways to generate profits and 15 ways to remain Broke

How One Can Make Money
  • Work your ass off.
  • Don't stop working.
  • Study.
  • Do not stop learning.
  • Practice what you be taught.
  • Study from your errors.
  • Gain knowledge of out of your screw ups.
  • Face your Fears and Do it Anyway.
Learn how to keep Broke
  1. Sit.
  2. Complain.
  3. Justify.
  4. Keep doing nothing.
  5. Hold complaining.
  6. Point your finger.
  7. Make Excuses.
  8. Do not pay awareness to what works and what doesn't
  9. Comply with lazy individuals.
  10. Gossip with don'ters.
  11. Do it your approach while you don't yet HAVE a technique.
  12. Let your fears rule you.
  13. Feel you're a victim.
  14. Act like a victim.
  15. Spend a bunch of time continuing to do nothing.
Related: Five Habits of the rich that helped them

Also See: Simple Step-by-Step Ways To Be a Millionaire At 20’s

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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Simple Article On What You Can Do With Your Future


[You Have Two Choices Really...]
[You can choose to just survive...]
[You can choose to succeed]


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

What Are The Foremost Three Success Attributes That Entrepreneurs Need Today?

Entrepreneurs should no longer count on to run a positive industry if they have got no longer put in any time finding out useful life lessons about failure, errors, and development. No one is born utterly competent to be an entrepreneur—some of the most positive businessmen discovered difficult classes that helped them achieve their ambitions. Along with lifestyles experiences, precise emotional and attitude potential can help entrepreneurs every step of the best way. By means of establishing distinct entrepreneurial expertise, you could aid ensure that your future trade endeavors will succeed.

Monday, 24 October 2016


Listed below are the possible health benefits associated with bananas. It is important to note that more high quality studies are required before these health benefit links are proved definitive.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

How To Overcome TOILET DISEASE | Private part Itching

These itching may have gotten out of control after shaving your virginal, private part or any part of your body or skin that's Hair grow in.
You may wonder what could have causes this, some may say it is Toilet infect or disease…yes it may probably be so or

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Ten Most Easy Secret Mindsets Of Multi-Millionaires

To become a multi-millionaire, you must cultivate these secret mindsets of a multi-millionaire.
I will be able to speak about the countless portions of advice I've heard from all my rich friends, but as a rich person myself, I wish to sum up my possess version of find out how to make it significant in trade

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Diarrhea: Why It Happens And The Simple Quickest Way To Treat It


 What Is Diarrhea?

  1. Diarrhea which is also known as dysentery is an abnormally and frequent bowel movements or in many cases consistent watery stooling.
  2. Diarrhea is defined by the World Health Organization as Having 3 or more loose or liquid stools in a single day 
 It is said that People Of All Age Can Get Diarrhea But What Can Be Done?

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Simple Ten Reasons You Don't Seem To Be A Millionaire

Many people out there desperately wish to be millionaires, and why wouldn't they? Whilst money won't buy happiness it could purchase a higher, much less traumatic and extra fulfilled lifestyles. Nevertheless, before you can be a millionaire you have got to have the correct approach and understand the motives why you haven't met this goal already. Everybody who wants to be millionaire but

Monday, 10 October 2016

Simple 1buStep-by-Step Proof To Make Money With Your Site Or Shorten Your Links | Review

Shorte is the most awesome link shortening service. It actually pays you just for shortening the link with them and then sharing it on social media. Cool! Isn't it? But you might be wondering that why someone will pay for just shortening a link with the help of their tool…. Well, Shorte doesn't only shortens the links but

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Simple Step-by-Step Ways To Be a Millionaire At 20’s

Getting wealthy and fitting a millionaire is a taboo matter. Pronouncing it may be accomplished by way of the age of 30 looks like a delusion. It is not taboo and it is possible. (The writer bought out of school, broke and in debt by means of 21, but by the point he was 30, he was a millionaire.) listed below are the Nine steps that will warranty you're going to emerge as a millionaire through 20's

1. Comply with the cash. In latest economic atmosphere you can't keep your method to millionaire status. The first step is to focus on increasing your sales in increments and repeating that. My income used to be $3,000 a month and nine years later it was $20,000 a month. Following the money and it is going to force you to manipulate sales and see possibilities.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

kedi QingHao Capsule: Anti-malaria Product



Artemisinin has a strong effect on killing plasmodium in erythrocytes so as to control malaria outbreak and symptoms rapidly. It is thought to affect the function of membrane-mitochoridria system. Artemisinin works on the ultra-structure of parasites in the erythrocytes phase, including working on the food vesicles. The parasites died rapidly due to losing most of the nutrition and cytoplasm without supplement. The mechanism was unstable organic free radicals or other electrophilic media, which was produced by the peroxide bridge mediated by the free ferrous ions produced by haem metabolism, combism, with parasite prot.

Network Marketing

*Network Marketing*

People fail in Networking because they treat it as a get rich quick scheme. They join in a hurry and give up after few weeks OR months of trying. If I may ask,,, *DO YOU QUIT YOUR JOB BECAUSE IT BECOMES DIFFICULT ???? DO YOU ABANDON YOUR BUSINESS BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT SELLING OR MAKING PROFIT?* Definitely NO.....
So why do people quit their Network business because people turn them down?

Thursday, 15 September 2016



With high levels of unemployment and vulnerable employment on the rise, the world of work in Africa is still facing tremendous challenges in terms of job creation and sustainability, here is the solution.
ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL INC. Is a direct sales MLM company formed by the triumvirate - owners Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, Francis Miguel and John Asperin in September2005. The company was conceptualized to furnish exceptional merchandise and services to the market. At the moment, the company holds offices at items 301, 319 & 320 AIC Burgundy Empire Tower, ADB Ave. Cor. Garnet & Sapphire Sts., Ortigas center, Pasig metropolis, Philippines respectively.

Simple Five Habits of the rich that helped them get wealthy | Thomas C. Corley's Rich Habits Amazon Book Review

Why do the rich hold getting richer? Most of the time, it's not given that of good fortune. It's no longer due to the fact of the household they had been born into. It's now not seeing that they received the lottery. Rich
humans without difficulty do things otherwise. In education for this column, I sat down with any person who knows far more rich humans than i will seemingly ever meet: Jeff Rose. Rose is a certified economic planner, author and blogger at GoodFinancialCents.Com, as good as a millionaire himself, who dedicates a just right
component of his time to helping men and women grow to be, and stay, rich.

1. They take risks. Rose explains that the wealthiest humans he works with oftentimes "throw spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks." In other words, they try various distinct matters, figuring out that a variety of it is going to fail. They take these dangers for the reason that they comprehend that failure is simply part of the method in discovering what will truly work to construct extra wealth.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Solution for a prolonged private organ itching and weak erection

How to find solution for a prolonged private organ itching and weak erection.

we would take the questions one after the other

  • 1. Genital Itching 


Itching in the genital region can result from irritation, allergy, inflammation, infection or cancer. Irritation can occur as a result of exposure to chemicals in soaps, feminine hygiene products, perfumes, lubricants, douches, and creams. Similar chemicals can also cause allergies in some people, as can latex. In the case of irritation and allergy, avoiding exposure to the irritant or allergen may be all that is needed for the itching to resolve.

This is teamed as genital warts
What are genital warts? 
  1. Genital warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).
  2. Genital warts affect both women and men, but women are more vulnerable to complications.
  3. Genital warts can be treated, but they can come back unless the underlying infection is also treated.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Kedi HealthCare Cordy Royal Jelly Capsule

  • Package: 250mg x 90s 
  • Usage: Three capsules each time two times daily.
FDB/FS. 123-8101

Premier Tonic for Reducing Blood Fat

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Top 10 Best Professional Website Builders For Your Business

Hey there,
I'm going to address a suitably techy issue for digital marketers. I have recently come across some very useful resources I want to share.
Building your website is a priority, but what if you can't afford to bring in an independent website designer? There are plenty of options you can find from a free builders list to take advantage of today.
To give you an insight into some of the options available, this guide is going to show you some of the top picks that you should consider. With 77 percent believing a poor website is a weakness, you need the right builder.
Which of these top professional website builders will you use for your small business website today?

Monday, 5 September 2016

Jumia Jforce | How To Join And Earn Extra Income


Jumia JForce is a program designed to empower and enrich entrepreneurs through online shopping (E-Commerce) in partnership with Jumia; Nigeria's No1 online market place. Owning your possess trade is the path to pleasing your desires as being financially independent and becoming an headquartered entrepreneur. Jumia presents you a platform of a lifetime the place you don't have to work for any boss and earn unlimited revenue! Become a member of the Jumia JForce team at present and kiss joblessness goodbye forever. Get on the JForce instruct at present and earn cash by way of commissions via promoting gadgets furnished by Jumia. That you could additionally earn money as you recruit new income consultants. That is an opportunity to be your possess boss and take orders from no one else but your self as you may have whole manipulate over your routine. Strengthen first-class entrepreneurship potential on the JForce ride and have interaction with like vivid minds at our social pursuits and gatherings. Move up regularly within our ranks and attain higher commissions as a Jumia sales advisor. Being a JForce agent may be very handy as that you could sign up here right away to begin incomes now!

The Three Email Advertising Approaches You Need To Comprehend

Hi All,
There are over a hundred and forty four billion emails sent each and day-to-day. How do you separate yours from the rest? With regards to electronic mail advertising, there are three key systems you have to be utilizing to stand out, close the sale, and win the warfare of awareness in the inbox.
Keep reading to gain knowledge of every. 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

How To Earn Ninety One Thousand Naira Or More Per Day in Nigeria


We intive you to join us in this great opportunity in Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. (AIM Global Nigeria). That’s right, with our lucrative marketing plan you can earn as much as 91,200 Naira (Nigeria Naira) per day.

Monday, 29 August 2016

How To Deal With Diabetes

What Is Diabetes?
 Diabetes is a medical condition that affects the body's ability to produces or use insulin. It also affects blood sugar levels.

The three types of diabetes are;

  • Diabetes type 1
  •  Diab4etes type 2
  • Gestational diabetes


  • Type 1 diabetes affects the body's ability to produce insulin 
  • Type 2 diabetes affects the body's ability to use insulin well
  • Gestational diabetes impacts the body's ability to use blood sugar during pregnancy.

RestorLyf Longevity Formula

Do you want to live up to 125 years? Turn on your Anti-aging Gene with RestorLyf!
Introducing another product manufactured by Nature’s Way and which is distributed by Alliance In Motion Global (AIM Global).

RestorLyf is a food supplement specially formulated to prolong one’s life span. It has be proven that regular intake of RestorLyf can help protect one’s heart, protects the mitochondria and prevents inflammation.

Kedi Gastrifort Capsule

  • Package: 250mg x 90s
  • Usage: Three capsules twice daily.

  • NAFDAC REG NO.A7-0446L
  • FDB/FS. 123-8100

Premier Tonic for Stomach Health

Gastifort is an old herbal formula that restores, balances the stomach and liver. It releases the symptoms of chronic gastritis and atrophic gastritis. The main ingredients are;

  • Barbary Wolfberry
  • Chinese Magnoliavine Fruit 
  • Royal-Jelly Freezing Dry Powder 
  • Indian Buead, and;
  • Common Yam Rhizome.

Monday, 22 August 2016


This post is going to answer all your questions in details. It’s over 2000+ words so grab a cup of coffee.
MMM is not a bank, MMM does not collect your money, MMM is not an online business HYIP, investment or MLM program. MMM is a community where people help each other. MMM gives you a technical platform which helps millions of participants worldwide to connect those who NEED HELP to those who are ready to PROVIDE HELP, for FREE. All transferred funds to another participant are your help given by your own good will to another one, absolutely gratis. If you are complete confident and certain in your actions and make you mind to participate, I kindly ask you to study carefully all warnings and instructions first.  I am into MMM , am always online to help and answer all of your questions mail to me HERE

Nature’s Way Product Review For Choleduz Omega Supreme

In this post i will be reviewing another Product Marketed by Alliance In Motion Global (AIM Global), the product name is Choleduz Omega Supreme. Manufactured by: Nature’s Wayà The manufacturer of C24/7, Complete – Phyo Energizer, RestorLyf and others not listed.
About Nature’s Way
 Nature’s Way – The No.1 Premium Herbal Company in USA. The history of a company cannot only influence its culture but it can often define its very soul. As such, the origin of Nature’s Way is an incredibly unique story within the nutrition and dietary supplement industry. As one of the few original health food industry pioneers still in operation, the company has been in business since 1969.

About Alliance In Motion Global and Network Marketing

Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. Was founded on the premise of creating a company that is “Pro-Distributor” since the founders themselves were distributors. The combination of the founders, equipped with their own expertise like a leader-builder, a visionary and marketing specialist, created a very successful company known today as Alliance In Motion Global.
Alliance In Motion Global currently leads the network marketing industry with distinctive marketing  strategies, exemplary leadership and excellent product lines. With its phenomenal and excellent products lines. With its phenomenal sales contribution, the industry recognized and awarded the company and Its products with achievement awards from different bodies promoting product excellence in the country.

Kedi Reishi

  • Package: 250mg x 90s

  • Usage: Three capsules twice daily.

FDB/FS. 123-8099
With over 5000 years’ history, 7000 herbs, Chinese Traditional Medicine is know woridwide. Reishi is the bright pearl among TCM herbs. Reishi means “herb of spiritual potency”. It has been used for more than 4000 years Traditional Chinese Medicine and is believed to be the oldest and one of the most respected medicinal mushrooms today.

Kedi Constilease Capsule


Package: 200mg x 60’s
Usage: Two capsules twice daily before meal
FDB/FS. 123-8098
Essential for Release Constipation Syndrome
Theoretically, constipation can be caused by the slow passage of digesting food through any part of the intestine. More that 95% of the time, however, the slowing occurs in the colon.

Kedi HealthCare Product / Golden Hypha Supplement

Golden Hypha Supplement

  • v  Package: 250mg x 90’s

  • v  Usage: Four capsules each time, two times daily

FDB/FS. 123-10126
Premier Tonic for Immune System Restore
Golden Hypha contains advanced immunomodulatory protein that restores immune system with the ability of boosting CD4 cells which could have been weakened due to the treatment of cancer and chronic hepatitis.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Jovago | Jumia Travel, online hotel reservastion | Top 5 Lagos Airport Hotels fit for business travellers

This is a sponsored post..... 

Top 5 Lagos Airport Hotels fit for business travellers

Murtala Mohammed International Airport Ikeja is the major airport serving the entire state of Lagos and the busiest Airport in Nigeria. The airport is usually flocked with both locals and foreigners coming into the country or traveling out of the country for both business and leisure purposes.
The city of Lagos is fast becoming a treasure trove for foreign expatriates likewise tourists who are regularly admitted into the country. Thereby, increasing the number and quality of accommodation that has to be provided within the state and especially around the airport.
There has been a recent upsurge in the number of hotels around Lagos airport ready to provide world class service and standard, as various investors and stakeholders in the hospitality industry have seen the need to provide the best accommodation and living experience in Lagos at highly competitive rates.
During any of your trips, you can get a suitable place to stay by checking out some of the best Lagos Airport hotels where quality meets service extraordinaire:

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

CORDY ACTIVE | Premier tonic for Stamina and vitality

  • Package: 250mg x 60s
  • Usage: Four capsules

             Twice daily.
FDB/FS. 123-8097

This product is designed for balancing the function of the human body, boosting immune system, delay aging, anti-fatigue and boosting vitality for long-term usage, it can help you treat diseases like nephritis, emphysema, asthma cardiopathy, hypertension, and weakness of sexual organ.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

How Kedi Revive And Vigor Essential Can Be Helpful For Sperm Vitality

In modern society, mental or physical stress has serious damage to human health. As stress lingers, it may lead to momentary supression of immune f unction usually characterized by increased heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, muscular tension, irritability, and depression
 Kedi Vigor Essential

I've  posted about Kedi Revive sometimes ago and how it can help you with low sperm count and other issues, Kedi Revive can be used alone but for better sexual drive, use both Kedi Revive and Vigor Essential.

Vigor Essential  Reviwe

  • Package: 250mg x 30's
  • Usage: one capsule twice daily
FDB/FS. 123-10127
Warnings: It is not allowed for pregnant women and children under the age of 12.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Good Day Readers (people of great visions),


If you truly Love yourself, you will never put yourself through the pains of worries.

Worries makes one go backwards instead of forward. When you worry, bother about the things you couldn't do, the things you don't have, the experiences you didn't like and these will take your attention completely away from the things you can do.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Complete Phyto Energizer | Product Review | Does It Work?

Almost the same as C24/7, but Complete Phyto Energizer does not have the ANTI-AGING (affect the fetal development) & LONGEVITY polyphenols (can make the pregnant women bleed). This is the reason why it can be use by PREGNANT women, LACTATING mothers, people with bleeding problems & reproductive issues.


Almost the same as C24/7, but Complete Phyto Energizer does not have the ANTI-AGING (affect the fetal development) & LONGEVITY polyphenols (can make the pregnant women bleed). This is the reason why it can be use by PREGNANT women, LACTATING mothers, people with bleeding problems & reproductive issues.


Good day readers, are you worried about your orders, want to know how to place an order on jumia without cancellation? then you have come to the right place.


 Jumia is the recent No.1 shopping site in Nigeria as at now and still topping the shopping site chart. That is why i don't joke with them now.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

C24/7 | The Next Generation Food Supplement

C24/7 is the FLAGSHIP PRODUCT of Allance In Motion Global, also known as AIM GLOBAL. It is Manufactured by Nature's Way @ USA. C24/7 and COMPLETE. Phyto-energizer are similar products, the only different between this two products is that C24/7 contains more phyto - nutrients than COMPLETE. Phyto-energizer. This why C24/7 is more stronger to prevent or cure any illness,diseases or infirmity you or someone around you may be passing through now.


  • What Is C24/7?

  • What Does C24/7 Provide?

  • What Is C24/7 Made Of (Ingredients)

  • Health Benefit of C24/7

  • General Prescription For C24/7 And Dosage

  • 100 Uses Of C24/7

  • Note: And Special Precautions

  • Conclusion

Saturday, 23 July 2016



Chinese massage, also known as tuina, uses both acupressure and massage practices to massage the body. Acupressure is a technique that uses the mapping of meridians throughout the body to help bring the body's energies back into balance. Western massage techniques use knowledge of the body's muscular system to apply pressure to tension points. There are several health benefit to massage.
Increase Energy
Massage helps unblock the body's meridians and allows energy to flow more smoothly within the body. The practice of western massage to relax the muscles also helps release tension through the body. This Increases overall energy and reduces stress.

Road To Success And Welness

Your No.1 Health And Wealth Blog » Road To

Success And Wellness Will Be Featuring | Great/

Amazing Articles That Will Boost Your Business

Either Locally Or Online | We'll Be Bring To You

The Right Tips To Make Your Future With a

Plan B | Products That Will Help You With All

Kinds Of Illness,Diseases Or Infirmity | Also

Every Thing You Need To Know About Alliance

In Motion Global also know as AIM Global And

Other Great Opportunities In The Business World
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Monday, 18 July 2016

Healthy Living | Effects Of Fast Food | Obesity | Free Radicals


  •  Causes Of High Blood Pressure 

  • Effect of stress without any relief or relaxation

  •  Heart Attack Warning Signs


  • The Harmful Component Of Fast Food

  • Effect On Health


  • Cause Of Obesity

  • Effect On Health


  • Sources Of Free Radicals

  • Products That Will Help Against Free Radicals

My Recommendation

First Let Us Know The Risk Factors And Causes Of High Blood Pressure 
  • Obesity
  • Lack Of Physical Activities 
  • Age
  • Genetic
  • Stress And Anxiety

Sunday, 17 July 2016

SKIN CARE | 5 Essential Habit To Maintain A Radiant Complexion


Some habits are essential in order to care for your skin and have a radiant complexion all year long. Whatever your skin type, here are five (5) essential habits!






Friday, 15 July 2016











The world is changing faster than ever. What use to take decades is now taking years or even months an in some cases, weeks due to technological advancement. There's pay cut in parastatals and we've seen people got laid off resulting from either “right sizing or downsizing” activities being embarked and underpaid; they seem to have less time and less freedom. They live under constant pressure and things are getting out of hand. Even if your employer loves you, he may still have to cut your pay if the need arises. Certainly things are no longer the same; there's something wrong somewhere, that's why the rate of heart attack increases by 35% on Monday morning.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Kedi Revive | Product Introduction | Intercourse Booster For Men

Kedi Revive (Big)

Kedi Revive (Packet)

Table Of Content


Health Benefits Of Kedi Revive

How Many Capsules are in Kedi Revive


Dosage and Administration

About Kedi Revive

Has It Been Approved By NAFDAC?

How To Order For Kedi Revive From Konga

My Advice For You


In case your sex life is suffering, you will have to recognize that you are not by myself. Correctly, more than half of all men that are over forty years have difficulties getting or preserving erection. This could be reffered to as impotency or erectile dysfunction (ED). It happens with more youthful man as well.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

3 Things You Need To Know To Prepare Yourself For The Future | TWP

   Some people thinks the future start 10years or so from now. No the future has already started. So be prepared. Do you want to see your friend 10years from now and be hiding so he/she won't see you?

What Is Future?

1. A period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time considered as nonetheless to come.
2. Contracts for assets (specially commodities or shares) bought at agreed costs but delivered and paid for later.

So what is the different between the person who achieved his or her purpose and the one who doesn't?

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Plan A and Plan B

Plan B Is The Best
Good day readers, how have you been? Are You Unemployed, Seeking For A Job, Tried Of Your Job Or You Need an Extra Income? Then am telling you today that there is a plan B.

Prosper Ogwa Says:- You Need To Think, To Be Rich In Nigeria.

This is a sponsored post by Prosper Ogwa The major reason for poverty and economic problems in Nigeria is lack of many inventors an...