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Complete Phyto Energizer | Product Review | Does It Work?

Almost the same as C24/7, but Complete Phyto Energizer does not have the ANTI-AGING (affect the fetal development) & LONGEVITY polyphenols (can make the pregnant women bleed). This is the reason why it can be use by PREGNANT women, LACTATING mothers, people with bleeding problems & reproductive issues.


Almost the same as C24/7, but Complete Phyto Energizer does not have the ANTI-AGING (affect the fetal development) & LONGEVITY polyphenols (can make the pregnant women bleed). This is the reason why it can be use by PREGNANT women, LACTATING mothers, people with bleeding problems & reproductive issues.



  • Cellular Protection
  • Cellular immunity
  • Cellular Energizer
  • Cellular Enhancement
  • Cellular Nourishment
  • Cardio Protection
  • Cancer Protection

  • Ingredients

  • Vitamins and Minerals/T.Rfl.
  • 12 Whole Vegetable Juice
  • 18 Amino Acids
  • 14 Green Foods/Spirulina Blend
  • 12 Mushrooms
  • 12 Digestive Enzymes
  • 12 Specialty Nutrients
  • 10 Essential Fatty Acids
  • Anti-Aging/Antioxidant Enhanced
  • 4 Longevity Polyphenote/Mega-Resveratrol Blend

  • What are the Health Benefit Of Complete Phyto Energizer?

    Complete Phyto Energizer Can Be Helpful For The Following;

  • Promotion of longevity
  • Lowers cholesterol level
  • Protection against health disease and its' complications
  • Helpful in prevention of cancer of any origin
  • Helps controls high blood pressure
  • Helps controls blood sugar
  • Enhances and balances the metabolism
  • Increases the production of inherent glutathione in our body
  • Helps to rejuvenates the skin
  • Regenerates liver cells
  • Promotion of health blood circulation
  • Helps to detoxify the body
  • Helps in reduction of fatigues, depression and anxiety
  • Enhances sexual vitality

  • General Prescription And Dosage

    1ST WEEK | 1-0-0 | Normal cases or in kidney diseases |
    2ND WEEK | 1-0-1 | Normal cases or in kidney diseases |
    3RD WEEK | 1-1-1 | Normal cases or in kidney diseases |
    4TH WEEK | 2-1-1 | Other diseases |
    5TH WEEK | 2-1-2 | Other diseases |
    6TH WEEK | 2-2-2 | Other diseases |
    7TH WEEK | 3-2-2 | Cancer |
    8TH WEEK | 3-2-3 | Cancer |
    9TH WEEK | 3-3-3 | Cancer |
    Product Tested On This Diseases & More
    * Atrophie dermatitis
    * Anemia
    * Atrophic vaginitts
    * Acute & chronic diarrhea
    * Amenorrhea
    * Alzheimer's Disease
    * Arthritis
    * Asthma
    * Anti-bacterial & anti-viralin
    * Infection
    * Beri-beri
    * Bronchial asthma
    * Bone fracture
    * Bums
    * Hypertrophy Cyst
    * Cancer & tumor formation
    * Constipation
    * Conjunctivitis Colitis
    * Cervica ulcer
    * Chronic bronchitis
    * Cholelithiasis- galistone
    * Colon prolapsed & bowel
    * Pockets Cataract
    * Dyspepsia
    * Deafness of old age
    * Diabetes insulin dependent (type 1) Diabetes Mellitus (type- (II)
    * Dengue
    * Edema
    * Epilepsy
    * Enteritis-swelling intestines
    * Endometriosis
    * Ecopora
    * Gastro-esophageal reflux disease
    * Gingivitis
    * Glaucoma
    * Goiter
    * Gout
    * Halitosis
    * HIV Virus
    * Hypertension
    * Hyperlipedemia
    * Hypercholesterolemia
    * Hormonal imbalance
    * Hepatitis
    * High Blood pressure
    * Kidney diseases
    * Liver Cirrhosis
    * Low sperm count
    * Migraine
    * Myoma
    * Osteoarthritis
    * Osteoporosis
    * Paralysis
    * Parasitism
    * Piles after operation
    * Piles-external swelling
    * Respiratory infections
    * Rheumatic heart fever
    * Rheumatoid Arthritis
    * Shortness of breath in children
    * Skin rash
    * Skin ulcer
    * Spinal diseases
    * Stroke
    * Thyroid problem
    * Toxic blood and acidosis
    * Toxins in the body
    * Trichomonas Vaginalis
    * Ulcerative colitis
    * Underweight and malnutrition
    * Urethritis
    * Vaginitis
    * Varicose veins
    * Weakness of the lower leg
    Note: Complete Phyto Energizer must be taken 30min before meal OR 2hours after meal
    First time to use herbal products: Start with 1 capsule once a day
    Already using Herbal products: May start with 1 caps thrice daily
    Special Precautions - Resveratrol is not present in Complete Phyto Energizer and can be use by the following...
    1. Pregnant women
    2. Breast feeding mothers
    3. People taking blood thinning medicines e.g. Aspirin, Coumadin, Clopidogrel
    4. Cancer of the female reproductive system with phyto-estrogenic effect
    Products That Can Also Be Use For Pregnant/Lactating Mothers, Use
    3. MYCHOCO
    • Conclusion

    Take Complete Phyto Energizer Everyday!
    Complete Phyto Energizer one of the most nutritionally dense food concentrate in the world market today! Complete Phyto Energizer contains approximately 16,000 PHYTO-NUTRIENTS. The ingredients of Complete Phyto Energizer work in “synergy” to produce the maximum result for your body.
    Complete Phyto Energizer Is Easily Absorb Because Of It's VEGETARIAN V-CAPS
    Nutrients are better absorbed into the blood stream because of its Vegetarian V-Caps disintegrate up to 5x faster than other leading brands.
    Join us fight cancer!
    For more info, Message Our Facebook Page Inbox ...
    Besides avoiding these foods, what else can consumers do to reduce their risk of cancer?
    According to Mike Adams,
    WE MUST:
    1. Eat unprocessed foods and base your diet largely on plants.
    2. Consume foods that have omega-3 fats e.g. (CHOLEDUZ) and other essential fatty acids.
    3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables; many common ones have known cancer-fighting properties.
    4. Get regular vigorous exercise, since tumors cannot thrive in highly oxygenated environments.
    5. Keep your blood sugar stable to avoid being an all-you-can-eat buffet for cancer cells.
    6. Eat foods high in natural vitamin C, a nutrient that deters the conversion of nitrite into nitrosamine and promotes healthy immune function.
    7. Make sure you get adequate amounts of cancer-fighting vitamin D through exposure to sunlight -- about 10 to 15 minutes each day if you have fair skin, or ten times as long as if you have dark skin pigmentation.
    8. Stay well hydrated to ensure that your body rids itself of toxins.
    9. Avoid smoking and don't use conventional fragrance, cosmetics and personal care products -- virtually all of them contain cancer-causing chemicals.
    Preventing cancer is actually quite straightforward. Even the World Health Organization (W.H.O) says that 70 percent of all cancers can be prevented with simple changes in diet and lifestyle. The truth is that most people give themselves cancer through the foods, drinks and products they choose to consume. Over 90 percent of cancers are easily preventable.
    Taking Complete Phyto Energizer daily 30 minutes before breakfast or meals which contains approximately 16,000 PHYTO-NUTRIENTS in ONE product which aims to PROTECT us from cancer of any origin and other infirmities.
    To Order Whatsapp +2348183059891, We deliver all over the world (Africa,Asia,Europe,America and Others). You Can Also Send a Private Massage To Any Of The Admin Of Our Facebook Page Here Or Mail Us With  To Order Yours Now!!!
    Thanks For You Time, share to you family, friends and people you care about, use the comment box if you have any suggestions or complains. We await you Testimonies.

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    1. For two weeks now since I’ve started taking Complete Phyto Energizer, I suffered from headache, mild dizziness and sometimes mild fever. But, still I continue to take it twice a day, 30mins before breakfast and 30mins before lunch. Sometimes I want to stop taking this, but because I want my goiter be healed., I still continue. Are these headache, mild dizziness and mild fever are just the reactions of taking complete? Are these just temporary reactions? Until when shall I suffer these? Please help.

    2. Yes, those symptom are just temporary reactions, please continue to use your Complete - Phyto Energizer for maximum recovery. Contact me by call or Whatsapp - +2348183059891 if you need more info.

    3. Yes, it’s true. All those complains I had, the headache, the mild dizziness and the mild fever are already gone. It’s my 3rd week now taking Complete, and I would continue to take this because I felt energized every time I wake up early in the morning as 4:30, and previously I felt too tired to wake up. I felt so energized from morning til night.
      Now, I am taking one capsule 30mins before lunch and one capsule before going to bed. Is this okay?

      1. Thank God, great testimony. Those are some of the uniqueness of taking any of Alliance In Motion Global's Product. By the way as for the intake - you can choose to take it any time as long as you follow the instruction of 30mins before meal, you decide either morning and night or Afternoon and night (30mins before the meals) - anyone you know you can maintain. Do you know that the previous prices of Alliance In Motion Global's Products as increased? Chat me via Whatsapp with +2348183059891 so we can get your order to you anytime you need it again at an affordable price range, I will be wait to chat with you via Whatsapp soon madam. Have a blessed week. Thank You.

    4. A Brother started taking the complete just this week and he is been feeling weakness in his two legs..... Why is it so?

      1. Hello Mr Joel, please let him continue using his Complete phyto energizer. The product is working. First it needs to cleanse the body system before it treat the particular illness he is using it for. Note: by using Complete a person might or might not feel a negative symptoms but don't let that distract you using Complete phyto energizer. Remember you will ENERGIZED, That's for sure.

    5. Last year i had ovarian cysts which were surgically removed and cleared. I'm 24 years old and been wanting to get pregnant for a while now without success. Can Complete help me in conceiving soon and how should i take it and for how long?


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